Awakened Superhuman 7 Day Challenge

Join me for this Divinely adventure into Awakening Your Superhuman. The blueprint within you that is free of the restrictions and entanglements of fear, the past, governing systems impacting progress, and decay. 

The part of you has been designed to live and experience life in confidence, clarity, and freedom. 

It’s the part of you that is able to access the full picture of the seen and unseen, so that you can know what steps to take or avoid to live life in health, wealth, connection, flow, and love.

Inviting you to remember.

We are Super Humans remembering we are here to Manifest a Destiny from the Stars.

Join me in this timeline of possibilities, along with Divine Manifestations of love, as we offer you sustenance, guidance, tools, clarity, and more that will help you gain access to Manifesting not only your Soul’s destiny but also those things and experiences that will have you experiencing more joy, connection, balance, peace, and abundance.

Welcome to my website!

Thank you for being here. Since I was a child,
I have been visited and taught by a variety of Divine Manifestations.

Recently they have identified themselves as the Saints of Light; but no name could truly fully give clarity to the Divine presences that offer their love and support.

I have been taught and led by these energies since childhood and into my adulthood. At times these loving teachers/ guides would show up as Masters (as known by different religions), other times it be Angels, Archangels, Beings of Light, and orbs of light. Their presence and guidance always offered love. Since young, they would teach me of
humanity, our collective, the soul, energy, the human mind, and the different things happening that have been happening beyond what most human eyes can perceive. There are many others like me, who’ve been
preparing to share and be of service to as many people as possible. And if you have been guided here, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM.

In 2019 I audibly heard them say that we are in an era of super humans. A powerful time in this reality in which many of us are fully manifesting our destiny in embodying our truth, the truth that we are more than just

humans. This embodiment is not just of the mind to perceive as a thought or an idea, but a tangible and physical one that will enable us to rise above being human. It’s time for the

Awakened Superhuman

to rise and lead.

We are in a time in our human experience, where many of us will fully realize what it means to live this embodiment. A reawakening of our codes, ancient knowledge dormant within ourselves. I like to think of our souls, as ancient time travelers, who are coming together in this physical form to effect changes in this plane of existence, a change that will liberate us from living, recreating, and being in fear. Our past, our history, is and has been tainted by fear.We have gained permission to rise and serve, to recreate in new forms and in new ways that feed and fuel a movement of change, of love, of unity.

My intention through my work is to offer the messages of these saints, masters, teachers of light, and our enlightened selves. To offer the wisdom that can lead us each back home, into that space when we truly recognize ourselves and each other. A space in which we can more actively enjoy this co-creative experience in the essence of freedom and love.

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Here’s what my clients have to say…

Emily has been a powerful secret weapon of Awesomeness in my personal life and business for about 7 years at the time of this recommendation. I have leveraged her wisdom, insight, clarity, coaching, guidance, and discernment to help me make decisions for the highest and best good of myself and others.

She is genuine, caring, kind, matter-of-fact and loving all at the same time. If you’re looking for a Coach, Guide and/or Seer who is intuitively gifted by God to pull out the best version of yourself, I highly recommend Emily Rivera.

Delatorro L. McNeal, II
Chairman & CEO of 
Platinum Performance Global, LLC

Emily has been one of the greatest influences that has changed my life. I was raised in an “old style” religion in a back woods area. So I always dismissed angels and those who talked with a spirit. Three years ago I moved into an area that provided a spot for Emily to speak on a monthly basis. I was convinced that I was dying and was terrified of that prospect. Emily showed me that, not only I could speak to the Divine, but that I WAS Divine. She has a special gift but she helped me speak for the first time with my angels. I have become happy, joyous, excited about every day, and talk with my angels who help me understand the beauty of every event. I have spent many hours in meditation with her. Thank you, Emily!

John Cunningham

We are all time travelers in a sense. We enter a new timeline with every choice we make or refuse to make. We alter time with every movement, thought, and emotion. They are all ripples in the cosmic sea of energy…

– Unknown