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Experience Intuitive Coaching

Elevate and Awaken to the highest potentials and version of YOU with one-on-one coaching.

One-on-one coaching with Emily has helped thousands quantum leap into the life, intuitive connection, freedom, and abundance desired within very short amount of time.

Her coaching gives you the map, while also helping you to quickly and gracefully unbind from anything and all that binds you and has held you back in the past. She productively helps you identify and understand the greater vision and potentials for you in this lifetime.

All coaching sessions are custom and personalized to you. The tools and strategies offered uniquely complement your alignment, schedule, personal pace, and desired outcomes.

By the end of this coaching series you will…

  • Find clear direction and make measurable progress toward your specific goals

  • Have clarity regarding who you are and what your purpose truly is

  • Have cleared old and stagnant energies within your mental, emotional, energetic, and physical bodies

  • Master the gift and power of Divine Magic/Manifestation

  • Learn how to more easily connect to guidance, which will keep you moving forward and on purpose

  • And much more…

You will receive:

  • Access to the Awakened Superhuman Platform

  • Weekly 1 hour zoom calls

  • Personal dropbox link with recorded sessions

  • Voxer Support in between weekly calls

These are experiential calls, so you will experience the Divine in ways that are unique to you. Together we will realign you mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically. Create clear and progressive intentions that will offer you results, and explore and align any resistance that is showing up which may be preventing you from moving forward or from creating the life you want. Each call will help you successfully experience and maintain progress through the series and beyond.

Below are some of the concepts we will explore together:

• Planning and Goal Setting
• Mental
• Emotional
• Relationships—Past, Present, Future
• Energetic and Spiritual
• Intuition Activation
• Physical balance and wellbeing
• Forecasting into your future potentials and how to change or elevate momentum
• Creation and Manifestation
• Telepathy
• Healing
• Seeing, Feeling, Hearing, and experiencing the Divine and Your Circle of Light
• Whole Self and Maintaining the Alignment

Coaching is available for:

2 Month

8 Weeks

4 Month

16 Weeks

6 Month

24 Weeks

* Bonus week included with full payment

Because it is of high importance for me to remain in alignment and to coach only individuals who meet specific qualities, it requires you to apply to be considered.

This is a very unique, personal, and powerful coaching experience that will change and elevate your life. You will have access to Emily in ways that will help you to easily access all the answers you seek, while creating the life that you desire. It is a minimum of a five figure investment that starts at $6,200. From experience and client feedback, the investment is always returned and multiplied during the coaching period.

* Payment options available for each coaching period

Apply For Intuitive Coaching

I am THRILLED to know that this spoke to you, sparked your soul to life, and that you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Step 1: Fill out the application below. This is an application to interview so that we can both identity whether or not Coaching with Emily is right for us. Filling out the application, does not guarantee acceptance to the program.

Step 2: A member of our A- team will be in touch to schedule an interview with Emily if we feel the program will help you thrive this year. You can also email our team, support@theangelcoach.com, with any questions or to check in on the status of your application.

Step 3: Should you and I decide you’re a right fit for this coaching, you will receive an email invite to move forward with coaching. You will have 48 hours to submit your deposit.