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Looking for immediate answers

• Get clear direction
• Get answers to specific questions
• Overcome challenges
• Move stress and anxiety
• Identify the next best steps for relationship, business, goals, and more…
• Connect to clarity in purpose
• Feel more peace, connected, fulfilled, and grounded
• Make the best and most productive decisions

How can I make my life better?

If you’re asking yourself these or similar questions, I can provide guidance and answers to help you.

From start ups to seasoned business owners, CEOs, to individuals (young and old) and couples across the globe, thousands have been positively impacted by my spiritual guidance.

I have many people ask me what is the best way for you to to be in flow and purpose, connect to guidance, move past blocks and negative patterns, connect to certainty, experience more fulfillment, connect with soulmates, start or grow a business, heal through a breakup, and/or experience more intuition?

I have provided much support to thousands with these and similar questions through the Awakened Superhuman platform, events, lives, retreats, and books. Which you can access via my site or by visiting

To answer specific questions that require more personal support, the best option I can offer is to personally guide and mentor you through coaching or a one-on-one session.

If you have questions, I can offer you answers for your best and highest.

During our time together, you will receive answers as well as guidance to where you are at today, and how to best align with your highest potential. The result are endless, but most people report they experience a drastic shift in emotions, mindset, and energy; that have them feeling certainty, clarity into the next steps to take, peace and loved, and a sense of heightened intuitive awareness for themselves.

Invest in yourself

and take a step into creating more clarity, confidence, peace, freedom, success, fulfillment, and the life you desire.

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Life Design Session


3 hour Call plus a week of Voxer

Common questions:

What are Intuitive Sessions? 

They are non-denominational sessions that involve working with the higher self, Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, Ascended Lights, and/or other Divine Manifestations to access answers and guidance. These services help you connect to clarity and answers. They offer spiritual and practical steps to help you manifest, heal, restore balance, break patterns, experience peace, connect to purpose, heal and harmonize, and more.

When able and if time allows, I like to give tools and strategies that can promote access to individual’s own intuitive awareness. My deepest desire is to promote spiritual independence among my clients, so they too can personally connect and receive Divine Guidance, support, blessings, miracles, and clarity into creating the life wanted with more grace and ease.

What is a Life Design Session?

This is a recorded 3 Hour Intuitive session, that includes coaching. It has been designed to answer all your questions, while also providing practical and intuitive steps to get you moving forward into the HOW to create the life you desire. A map is tapped into and provided, that will show you the steps and ways to creating a specific outcome in your life. It includes 5 days of unlimited Voxer support.

What is Intuitive Coaching?

Clients have to apply for this program. Please click here for more information about COACHING

How do I meet with Emily? 

All sessions are by phone, FaceTime or ZOOM. Your preference is chosen during booking.

How long should I book? And what is the difference between a 30 and 60 minute appointment?

Everyone’s needs and outcomes are unique, so the time required varies, depending on questions and the guidance offered.

I am not able to advice which one you should book, but encourage you to identify the number of questions you have to better know what time option will honor you best.

30 minute sessions are ideal for those individuals that are looking for guidance on 2 to 3 questions. Anything more 3, I would encourage an hour.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

There is nothing you need to do for me to better receive the guidance to the answers that you are seeking. You are welcomed to write down your questions and have them available during the session, so you can remember all the important things that you want to connect to.

How do I pay for my appointment?

Payment is processed on scheduling page. Once a day and time are chosen, payment would be requested and processed to secure your appointment. All major credit cards and Paypal are accepted.

What is your cancellation policy?

48 hour notice with a full refund.

Is a phone appointment the same as an in person appointment?

Yes! All guidance is offered from a place of love and connection that goes beyond the physical. Virtual guidance does not in any way inhibit nor interfere accessibility to the answers and guidance that will be received.

Are appointments recorded?

Recording is available for an additional fee. This option can be added during scheduling