Next retreat will be announced soon. 

Retreats led by Emily- The Angel Coach, are highly engaging and experiential soul adventures in which the Divine is tangibly experienced and known.

Each Retreat is very unique, as they are called into form by Ascended Lights that include Masters, Angels, Archangels, and other Divine Manifestations. These Ascended Lights lead with specific intentions to be awakened, healed, and manifested within and for each participant. The way retreats are guided, scheduled, and organized, occurs usually in these 3 steps:

  1. An Ascended Light appears in form to Emily, and she is given dates, location, and the intentions for the retreat and the movement that will be manifested for each participant.
    2. Emily gets shown visions and given audible guidance into the processes and journeys participants will be guided through.
    3. Marketing is Divinely guided so that the individuals being called to join can find the invitation and hear the message. Periodically, Emily is also given names and visions of some of the individuals being invited. One thing is for certain, people get called to join, as the Divine is powerfully at play in bringing in the individual that can and will be best supported through the retreat. The Divine also tangibly and miraculously aligns the support needed for the participants to join.

Each retreat is uniquely guided by Ascended Lights that appear in the physical to lead individuals into elevated states of knowing that have him/her tangibly experiencing the realms of the soul and Divine Union.

As a group we usually collapse timelines, as we experience miraculous healings, activations of intuitive and physical gifts, and the Awakening of Superhuman within. Together we rise and shape shift into the higher and more tangible realities of the soul.

Each journey is an inter-dimensional experience full of wisdom and guidance, along with practical tools to tangibly bring healing, clarity, connection, and your desired results into the physical.

A few questions to consider…

  • Have you been feeling the stirring within that is reminding you that there is so much more to life, to your potential, to your experience of true freedom and fulfillment physically, emotionally, and mentally?

  • Have you felt the weight that comes from the “human” aspects of this life that impact the emotions, mindset, focus, momentum, body performance and wellbeing, and accessibility to peace and clear knowing? But know that somehow you are different?

  • And are you craving more out of life and ready to break free from the re-occurring patterns, emotions, thoughts, doubts, delays, set backs, and fears that are impacting your accessibility to abundance, connection, clarity, energy, focus, motivation, love, wellbeing, and peace of mind?

Who is this for:

Individuals that are…

• ready to Awaken even more, and know they have been designed for more than just the norm.
• feeling pulled to make a more of an impact in this world, feeling they are here to contribute in a much higher way.
• shedding or are ready to shed that which no longer fuels him/her, so that more of who he/she is can be revealed.
• ready to receive the next level of vibrational support, so he/she can know the vision of what his/her purpose is.
• ready to remove and heal what is blocking him/her from seeing his/her next level.
• able to recognize that it is time to take the wounded parts of that have been alienated and bring them into balance and wellbeing, so that he/ she can start to tap into the inherent and powerful fuel within.
• ready to awaken his/her gifts.
• ready to fully be seen, felt, and celebrated for who he/she is and can become.
• willing and ready to enter the certainty, clarity, and wisdom of their soul and intuitive awareness.
• ready to tap into the ultimate connection between mind, body, and spirit, which awakens true mastery of oneself.
• inviting the map and ways into creating the best and highest life

If you feel the call, answer it. It will lead you into paths and opportunities that can only become alive and available when one say YES

Are you ready to work with me?